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Oliver Velez - 5 DVD Seminar Series 2005 Pristine Seminars

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Learn how to trade using The Pristine Method®, by studying this intensive 5 DVD training course. The following DVD Seminar Series are taught by world renowned professional trader, Oliver L. Velez: Core Trading, Swing Trading, Guerrilla Trading, Micro Trading, & Momentum Trading.

 Core Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Learn medium-term Core Trading strategies lasting from weeks to months and maximize your results without constant attention. 
Course Length: 3:00
Price: $49.00 


This specialized form of trading used by major financial institutions, mutual fun managers, and other market professionals, utilizes The Pristine Method® to apply a dynamic discipline to the management of longer-term positions, supercharging the old "buy-and-hold" approach to investing...More

Swing Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez 
Learn from industry pioneer and visionary, Oliver Velez, how to make swing trading an integral part of your trading plan. 
Course Length: 2:54
Price: $49.00 


Over a decade ago, Oliver Velez took the trading industry by storm when he introduced swing trading to the equity markets. Today some of the world's most successful traders rely exclusively on this dynamic style of trading...More

Guerrilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez 
Professional trader Oliver Velez will show you how he profits from the equity markets through a unique approach he terms "Guerrilla Trading." 
Course Length: 2:36
Price: $49.00 


A very specialized form of active trading practiced by some of the country's most successful short-term traders, guerrilla trading is a "hit-and-run" style of market play that capitalizes on short-term moves from intra-day to several-day holds... More

Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez 
This groundbreaking course presents powerful methods for mastering the art of micro trading with maximum precision. 
Course Length: 3:00
Price: $49.00 


Micro traders focus on intra-day opportunities in 5- or 15-minute charts, attempting to take frequent, bite-sized profits out of the market on a daily basis. This income producing approach to the market can be potentially very rewarding when executed with the skill and training necessary to manage such active movements in and out of the market... More

Momentum Trading with Oliver Velez
Professional trader Oliver Velez will show you how to ride winning trades for all they are worth, utilizing a very simple but powerful style of Momentum Trading. 
Course Length: 2:10
Price: $49.00 





Most traders discover the hard way that finding the right trade does not always guarantee its success. It’s knowing how long to stay with that trade, when to hold on it, when to sell it, or when to bail on half, while letting the remaining half ride, that forms the basis for true trading mastery... More


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